Arsenal Football Club – A Club and Its Trophies

Arsenal Football Club

Richard Beese is a great footballer. He always shares his experiences regarding various sports all over the world. In this article Richard Beese defines The Arsenal Football Club because he is the great fan of this club. Arsenal Football Club is a English professional Football club that is based in Holloway, London. It is basically defined by the spirit of community.

History of Arsenal Football Club –

This club was founded in the year of 1886. It became professional in 1891 and joined the football league. In the year of 1893, Arsenal became the first club from the south of England has joined the football league. With time it has achieved great success.

In 1904 – Arsenal Football Club entered the First Division. But during this year this club was going through some financial problems. With passage of time, around 1910 The Arsenal Football Club was very close of bankruptcy.

In 1930 – Arsenal Football Club won 5 league championships and 2 FA cups. After the war also this club had won 2 FA cups and 2 championships.

In 1971 – The Arsenal Football Club won the first League and FA Cup Double.

From 1989 to 2005 – The Arsenal Football Club 5 FA cups and also five league titles. They also won two more doubles.

Richard Beese described that the success period of Arsenal Football Club was the 1930s, and the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Achievements of the Arsenal Football Club –

Arsenal Football club has won many awards and titles. The list of award and titles won by this club is as follows –

– 12 FA Cups

– 13 League titles

– 14 FA Community Shields

– Two League Cups

– One Inter-Cities Fairy cup

– One UEFA winners’ cup

Herbert Chapman was the one who won Arsenal’s first national trophies. He was appointed in the year of 1925 and success period of Arsenal Football Club has started. Herbert Chapman was died prematurely. Arsene Wenger became the manager in the year of 1996. Arsene Wenger was a manager whose team has won the most trophies. He was one of the long terms Manager (For almost 15 years). He introduced a new style of play to Arsenal that was beyond imagination. During his service period, His team has set several records like –

– The Longest unbeaten run

– The longest win streak

Famous Arsenal football Club players –

  • David O’Leary – David was an Irish defender who played 722 times for Arsenal Football Club. He was very famous during the years between 1975 and 1993.
  • Tony Adams – Tony Adams has played 4 major tournaments and also won 4 top flight division titles. Between the years of 1987 and 2000, Tony has won 66 caps for England.
  • David Seaman – David seaman was a football goalkeeper. He has played in the premier league for Manchester city.
  • Thierry Henry – During the years of 1999 to 2007, Thierry Henry scored 228 goals in all the completions. He became the first player who scored 200 goals for Arsenal.
  • Lee Dixon – Lee Dixon was named in PFA team of the year, for two times. He has won four league championship medals and 3 FA cup winner medals. He also won a UEFA winners’ cup medal.
  • Nigel Winterburn – He was a great player who earned two caps for England.

Interesting facts about Arsenal Football Team –

* Arsenal is the only league team that is still in existence. Moreover, it has become the first team to win the league cup and FA cup in the year of 1993.

* Arsenal Football Club has a nick name ‘The Gunners’ because it was formed by a group of cannon makers in 1886. It was formed at the Woolwich Arsenal.

* Arsenal Football club has the great record regarding Champions league matches. They made a record of keeping a clean sheet for 10 consecutive Champions League matches.

* A special gold version of trophy was commissioned by The Premier League for the achievements of Arsenal.

Richard Beese is really inspired by The Arsenal Football club. He considered this team as a great motivation for all the sports lovers in this whole world.

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