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Richard Beese believes in healthy life style. He loves to motivate people to better health and a sport is a way to have good health and better life. He described various sports that are beneficial for physical and mental health. In this article Richard Beese describes “Cycling” sport. Cycling is also known as biking or bicycling. Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century. It requires physical strength and consider as a great exercise.  So, Cycle sport is a physical activity that is performed using bicycles. Cycling sport and International competitive cycling events are governed by the Union Cyclist International (UCI).  The Union Cyclist International was founded on April 1900 by Belgium. Cycling is basically related with bicycles but apart from that it includes the riding of –

  • Unicycles
  • Tricycles
  • Quadracycles

Richard Beese describes that “Bicycle Racing” game is a part of Summer Olympic Games also. With a passage of time, Cycling is now popular game all over the world, especially in Europe.

Categories of Bicycle Racing Includes –

  • Cyclo Cross – This race typically takes place in autumn and winter season. Cyclo Cross racing is a popular sport in countries like France, Netherland and Belgium. Richard Beese finds that Cyclo cross race has flexible rules. In this game riders are allowed to change the bicycle if required. Riders can also receive mechanical assistance during a race in some situations.
  • Track Cycling – On this race track bicycles are used by competitors. Track cycles do not have brakes or freewheels. Richard Beese says this type of racing is a part of Modern Olympic Games. Women’s track cycling was included in the Modern Olympics in 1988. Track racing, having two categories –
  • Sprint races
  • Endurance races
  • BMX – BMX is Bicycle Motorcross Context. It is a type of off-road bicycle racing and known as an individual sport. In 2008 Summer Olympics, BMX racing became a medal sport. Richard Beese describes the basic process of this game like It consist of a starting gate. After starting from a particular point there will be a dirt course race that includes jumps and rollers. At the end of the race every rider has to cross the finishing line.
  • Road Bicycle Racing – It can be a team competition and an Individual competition also. Road Bicycle Racing is the most popular form of Bicycle racing. It is popular all over the world. This race is being held on paved roads. Countries like Russia, New Zealand, South Africa and United States continue to produce great cyclists.
  • Individual Time Trial – This race is being performed by a cyclist against the clock. Richard Beese finds this game very interesting. This type of race is purely based on the strength of a rider so it is also referred as “The race of Truth”. At the end of the game, the rider with the fastest time is declared as the winner of the race.
  • Mountain Bike Racing – This is a very old style of racing. In this type of racing, Bikers go through the natural and the man made obstacles. So, it is same like motorcycle trials. In this, a winner is declared on the basis of points and points are given on the basis of the bike handling skills. As per the rules, Putting down your foot during race is not allowed.
  • Cycle Speedway – This type of race is all about great bike handling skills. Cycle speedway races are short. It is a form of bicycle racing over short oval dirt tracks. In cycle speedway race, Riders use machines without breaks and multiple gears.

Richard Beese is a great fan of cycling sport and considers it as a good exercise also. It helps to keep a person healthy and fit. Richard Beese explains the benefits of Cycling –

  • Increases cardiovascular fitness.
  • Increases the muscle strength and flexibility.
  • Help to have strong bones
  • It helps to decrease the body fat level.
  • Decreases the stress level and keeps a person active.
  • This type of exercise prevents the human body from diseases.

Cycling as a sport and as an exercise has great benefits. Richard Beese suggests everyone to adapt this as a habit in daily lifestyle.

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