Richard Beese Describes Equestrian Sports

Richard Beese Horse RiderRichard Beese has been a sports lover always describes various sports, whether indoor or outdoor. The main motive of all the sports is to keep a person healthy mentally and physically. Richard Beese love horse riding. Horse riding is also known as Equestrianism, riding or horseback riding. It refers to the skill of riding, driving and steeplechasing with horses. Richard Beese loves horse riding a lot and considers it as a sport.  Like all other sports, horse riding also helps us to stay fit. Horse riding requires good strength and like swimming or jogging, it also helps to burn out the calories. Horse riding is a very different and tough game as in it our teammates are animals that have their own mind.

Richard Beese personal experience says that it can be risky to have animals as a teammate. Animals might not understand the instructions sometimes and can be uncooperative, so the risk of life can be there. Still in horse riding we trust our teammates with our lives. In the horse riding game, proper training matters a lot. It takes riders longer to learn the art riding. We need training for years before we get ready to compete.

Types of horse racing –

There are various types of horse racing –

  • Ride and Tie – It is being played in North America. It involves three partners 2 humans and 1. It is being played alternatively as two humans alternately run and ride.
  • Thoroughbred Horse Racing – This type of racing is varied in the whole world. Thoroughbred horse racing is also known as flat racing in the United Kingdom. In the USA, horse racing is governed by The Jockey Club.
  • Endurance Riding – This type of riding is very popular in Europe and the United States. It is a sport in which the top levels are dominated by Arabian horse .
  • Steeplechasing – It is a type of horse riding, in which the horse jumps over obstacles. Race is being done over the tracks. In United Kingdom, It is also known as National Hunt racing.
  • American Quarter Horse – We can see American quarter horse race in the United States mostly. In this the race is being done over the distance of a quarter-mile.
  • Point to Point Racing – It is basically a form of Steeplechasing. This type of race regularly attracts a large number of crowds.

Richard Beese describes that while horse racing we may face different kind of dangers. The dangers can be for both Horse and the Rider. A horse can stumble and fall while jumping obstacles that can cause injuries. There can be unavoidable and inevitable accidents also while horse racing.  So, Richard Beese suggests everyone to have a proper training before participating in this game. Complete training and some prevention can avoid unfavorable situations. So, we just need to take care about some essential things to enjoy this awesome game called Horse Racing!!


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