Great Britain performance in Rio Olympics – Richard Beese

Richard Beese share Team GB in RioSports lovers are always passionate about sports. They love to enjoy sports events. The perfect example of biggest current sporting event is The Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Richard Beese is admired by the performance of great athletes in Rio Olympics. The Rio 2016 Olympic Games are over now, but the memories of these 16 magical days will live on. All the sports lovers will cherish those moments for whole life. For the athletes, fans and a city that took on a great challenge -and kept its promise to deliver great Games.

Specially, Richard Beese describes about the performance of Great Britain in Rio Olympics. Many of the world’s famous sports began in Britain that includes cricket, football, lawn tennis, golf and rugby. The Great Britain has sent athletes to every Game since the start of the Olympics’ modern era. It always had great performance in the sports field. It is the only team in the world to have won at least one Gold Medal at every Summer Games. The Great Britain lies third globally in the winning of both Gold Medals and total medals. Richard Beese as a sports lover is inspired by Team GB.

Richard Beese says that the Great Britain’s performance in Rio Olympics was amazing. Rio has been indeed Great Britain’s most successful ever Olympic Games. Throughout the 15-day Olympic Games, Britain has only failed to win medals, with day one and 12 passing without success. There were fears that the Olympics could fall short of expectations, after seeing a number of medal miss out early on. Out of all the fears The GB team dramatically exceeded the number of medals.

Recently, In Rio Olympics, The Great Britain has secured second place in the Olympic medal table at the Rio Games. The Britain has become the first ever nation to better their medal haul at a Game that immediately follows a home Olympics. When there were only five days left of the Games, Britain surged past their target of 48. The women’s 4x400m relay bronze on Saturday night saw Team GB claim their 66th medal to beat the London record. Team GB ends the Games with 27 gold medals in addition to 23 silver and 17 bronze.

Richard Beese considers the GB Team’s performance – Great Motivation. At every stage and in every discipline, Team GB has shown the world what we are made of. The Great Britain’s team is a perfect example of determination, dignity and true sportsmanship. Rio 2016 will be remembered as a history-making Olympics for Britain, one where they took more medals than they have ever done at overseas Games.

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