The Great inspiration of Richard Beese – Wayne Rooney

Richard Beese - RooneyRichard Beese considers Wayne Rooney as a great inspiration for sports lovers. Wayne Rooney is an English professional footballer who plays for both Manchester United and The English National Team. He won a number of titles with Manchester United and also became captain of both club and country. Being a very fast and nimble player in his youth, Rooney was also known as “The Wonder Boy” who was the youngest ever player to play for England in the age of 17 years. We can understand how fascinated he was for football from his childhood when he got suspended from his school for kicking a whole in the wall of school because his football has been confiscated. He had natural toughness and aggression that was made for the big stage. He became only the ninth player to reach the landmark, after Peter Shilton, David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Bobby Moore, Ashley Cole, Bobby Charlton, Frank Lampard and Billy Wright.

The global superstar Wayne Rooney deeply galvanizes Richard Beese so he always loves to talk about Wayne Rooney to inspire others for sports. The most amazing thing he feels about the Wayne Rooney is the way how he explains his vision on the football pitch. He says that,”He can paint a picture in his head. He will look up and see where everyone is, but then won’t need to look again before he passes, because he can instinctively figure out where everyone will now be.”
Life can be very stressful sometimes and sports can act as a stress buster that reduces the chances of getting depressed.

Richard Beese believes the motivated words of Wayne Rooney regarding the need of direction with possession to get success. Without direction you will never be able to achieve your goals. It is very important to have “passion and purpose” in our life. Without true passion, it would be very difficult to reach your full potential in life. By taking the perfect example of Wayne Rooney, he motivates the sports lovers for “passion and purpose”. We should dedicate our life 100% toward our goals if we truly want to achieve great things.

Richard Beese says that the Passionate athletes like Wayne Rooney do not make excuses for their failures and shortcomings. Instead of excuses they use each lesson as a building block for improvements to do it even better tomorrow, that leads to success for sure.


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