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Richard Beese Sports FanAustralia is well known for its sports culture. The most popular sports in Australia are Australian Rules football, Cricket, golf, and rugby. Due to increase in sports popularity in the country, youth are attracted towards the games, because it will provide them a goal and fitness side by side. Australia outshine in any sports in the international stage. This is well proven in Olympics games and commonwealth games every time. Australia is ninth on the list of all time Olympics medal and has the most gold medal in the history of commonwealth games with 643. Aside from excelling in Olympics and commonwealth games, Australia also perform well in Australian Rules football, Golf, rugby, and cricket.

Australian Rules football is the, most popular football in Australia and is the country’s national sports. Australian Rules football is what Major League baseball and National Football league is to the Unites states for America. Australia National sports were invented by Tom wills in 1858. Cricket is the popular sports in Australia. All cricket activities were governed by a body called Cricket Australia. This governing body existed since 1905. The Australian cricket team is the one of the best international teams in the world. The team also won the ICC champion trophy in 2006 and 2009.  Australia is the first country to win the ICC trophy and cricket world cup in consecutive years.

Australian Football League is the premiere Australian League for Australian Rules Football. The AFL come into existence in 1990 and was known as the Victorian Football league in the previous years. The AFL features in 16 teams that compete against each other in grueling but exciting rounds. The AFL season usually starts in the end of March and concludes in September

Australia has also made a name for herself in golf. It currently has the most golf courses per capital. Aussie golfer has also left their mark. There are currently 10 golfers who are named in Top 100 golfer in the world. The great Greg Norman has paved the way for many golfers. The Australian open is organized by Golf Australia. It is one of the most prominent golf tournaments of the PGA tour.

Another important sport of the Australia is rugby. It is popular on the par with Australian Rule football because it is the most watched sport on television. Rugby originated from England but surprisingly Australia performs pretty well in the tournaments. The Australia rugby team is currently ranked number third in the world ranking by International Rugby Board.

Most of the fans of Australia like Richard Beese and many others are crazy about sport are it cricket, football, rugby, golf. Sporting event is big part of Australian life. It is hard to argue against the sport being the Australian National religion. You can just feel the excitement and anticipation when any sports is about to start.

Youth in Australia loves to play sporting game, as they are very much involved in the day to day sports activities. It is very important for every individual to indulge in some sport and support their country toward winning the game.

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