Euro Cup: Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Over France

Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo TeamIt’s all about the dedication and hard work, so the one man team becomes the European champions, defeating the host nation without the one man they apparently can’t win. Portugal for the first time claims a major title by defeating the France in Paris. Silencing the Stade de France with Eder’s extra time goal in a game, this had been memorable only for Christiano Ronaldo’s tears. After being stretchered off midway through the first half, Ronaldo ended the game, left knee heavily strapped. Prowling the technical area as though, he was the technical Portugal coach. This victory means so much to the former Manchester United forwards. Twelve years after suffering defeat as a host nation to Greece at Euro 2004, Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo claimed redemption as France froze on the biggest stage in the front of their own supporters. For this entire final provided only the occasional spasm of quality, the victory was one for Portugal, with its substantial community here in France long to savor. This nation has regularly threatened such success, but never delivered to it, yet having squeezed unconvincingly out of their group and won only one match in 90 minutes all tournaments.

Their match winner Eder played for 267 minutes of premier league football in Swansea city as a beat France in Euro 2016 final after Eder netted one into understudy to Bafetimbi Gomis. Portugal, France goal post. Portugal made it to the Euro finals after 12 years. The match turned out to be the painful one for the Cristiano Ronaldo as the striker was off the field after injuring his knee in the first half. A goal from Eder 11 minutes from the end of the extra time saw a Portugal stuns host France to win Euro 2016 and claim the country first ever senior international title. It was a most unlike triumph that only made it through the group phase in third place, won just one game throughout the tournament. This time though it was Portugal play the role of Greece. Portugal may have more quality than the Greece side that stunningly won the trophy, but under the guidance of the coach Fernando Santos, it played an almost identical fashion. Portugal played with the system expertly, despite having by some distance greater talent; France didn’t seem to know what it was supposed to break the Portugal fierce resistance. As a result Portugal grew increasingly comfortable in the match. Breaking away from Portugal ultra negativity, they opted to bring a natural striker into the fairy in Eder.

Everyone on the Portugal bench, including Cristiano Ronaldo, who had been a roaring encouragement to his teams in the letter stages, leapt into their feet. There is no coming back for France. Portugal the nearly men of the European football, with three loosing semifinals, and one final since 2000, had finally become the champion.

Portugal has won Euro 2016. Portugal is unlikely champion and Eder is an unlikely match winner. Twelve years after they were the host and they lost to Greece, now the table has turned, and Ronaldo has finally won some silverware with this country. This seems to that what a performance has been given by Portugal beside they lost their most important player Cristiano Ronaldo, but they didn’t give back, they fought and finally their player Eder deep in extra time fired past Lloris to win Portugal first major trophy. While the Goalkeeper Rui Patricio and defender Pepe were also both outstanding and lends a major help in winning the team. So Portugal basically given the excellent performance, so that they can win the trophy which ultimately wins by them, this show that besides you lose best from yourself just keep up yourself motivating towards your goals and ultimately you will win your goal. All you need to do just keep your patience, calmness, within you. Do you work and rest you will achieve with your own.


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