THE COPA AMERICA : A Biggest Soccer Tournament

USA gets the honor of hosting the biggest soccer tournament in South America history: The Copa America 2016. The history of Copa America extends back to 1916 however; this is for the first time the event has been hosted by country outside South America. 2016 Copa America is the 45th edition of one of the most exciting summer football event. With 16 teams to competing for the most prestigious sports trophies in the world, Chile is the defending champion as they won the last tournament in 2015. Although normally the event gets its organization after a span of four years, but this time it is going to be played after just one year. The reason for its early arrangement is also pretty exciting; In fact 2016 Copa America cup has been scheduled to be an honorary event, a celebration of the century of CONMEBOL, and the Copa America to be more specific. As for the winners Uruguay won the most of the competition (15 times), with Argentina winning it for 14 times. Brazil has been crowned as eight times as the winner of the Copa America Cup.

CONMEBOL, South America Confederation of Soccer is an international club football organization organized by CONMEBOL since 1960. It is one of the most prestigious tournament in the world and most prestigious club competition in Latin American Football. This tournament is named in the honor of the Libertadoers (Spanish and Portuguese for liberators). At the beginning only the champions of South American leagues used to play. In 1966 the runner up of South American leagues participated. In 1998 Mexican team are invited to join, and have contested regularly since 2000. The world cup Qualifiers have been described as the “Toughest Qualifier in the world” for their simple round robin system, entry of some top level national teams in the world, leveling of the weaker national team, climate conditions, geographic conditions, strong home stand, and passionate supporters. Presently Alejandra Dominguez (Paraguay) is president of this association. The 2019 Copa America will be 46th edition of the Copa America, the quadrennial international men’s football championship organized by South America Football Ruling Body CONMEBOL. It will be held in Brazil. The winner of the tournament will earn the right of competing for the 2021 FIFA confederation cup. Originally, the 2019 Copa America was to be hosted by Chile, while Brazil was due to host the 2015 Copa America due to a CONMEBOL rotational policy of tournament being held in alphabetical order.  However, due to the organization of the 2013 FIFA Confederation cup , 2014 FIFA world cup, and 2016 summer Olympics in that country, Brazil decided against also the hosting of the 2015 Copa America. Brazil and Chile federation discuss the idea of swapping around the order of 2015 and 2019 champions. The agreement was approved by CONMEBOL in 2012.

A Copa America tournament, which is ongoing in the USA, sees the emerging of Argentina reaches to the finale with the help of Lavezzi, Messi and Higuain, lift Argentina in 4-0 win. Argentina will face Colombia or Chile in finale in New Jersey. American home advantage counted for nothing against the Lionel Messi’s brilliance as Argentina progressed serenely to the final of the Copa America. Lionel Messi has become the highest scorer of the team, and record goal scorer as the country reaches finale against thrashing USA. This is the fifth time that they have made in the final and last time they made it in 1993. It is defined as an unfavorable fortune or fate. Chile’s Eduardo Vargas certainly know all the about unfavorable fortune. But the true character of an individual comes out of the ardoadversity, and in this Copa America Centurion, Vargas has shown the world his ability to pull off through and score goal for the team and reaches to Semi- finals. It is the oldest international continental football competition. All over 32 matches will be played in 10 cities of USA, Allover 16 teams will be competing, its first time it will be played outside the South America. There are two confederations involved that is CONMEBOL (10Teams) and CONCACAF (6 Teams). Top scorer Eduardo Vargas from Chile is the first representative for Golden Boot (6 goals) followed by Lionel Messi (5 goals). So let’s see who will win the final, which we get to know very early. Richard Beese also loves this game; he is very fond of this tournament, which is associated with the Football.

All out, all game, all sessions, in this only your attitude matter which takes you to the level of winner, and your brilliance in this game which help you and your team to win the game. Sports have always taught you hard work, endurance; perseverance will never fail to achieve the goal. So let wish best team will win the final…..

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